August 6th, 2009
by Treacle Darlandes

What is art? What is virtual art? Most of the world will imagine art to be something you can touch and feel. However virtual art is just as pleasing and exciting. My art I hope is visually pleasing. But in addition to this some of it can be watched and heard at the same time. Art is here to stimulate our senses. To enable us to see beauty that has been created from the imagination. Virtual art is no different. You can see it, hear it, love it or be left cold by it. So, is virtual art real? I think so. It is created by real people who come together in an online community of artists and creators to share their passions for the created and the beautiful. Many will say that Second Life is not real. Well, I am not a machine, or something or someone who doesn’t exist. I just choose to make my art on a platform that is new and exciting to the world of communication. The pleasure I have found in meeting artists from across the world and sharing in their real life and virtual life creativity has been lovely. Recently I have been privileged enough to do collaboration work with Nicolaus Skytower, a real life music composer from Denmark. Nicolaus has written small unique musical sounds for some of my sculptures. They can be seen and heard at my gallery in Second Life. Also I have had the great pleasure of working with Serenity Questi. Serenity’s beautiful real life fractals have made amazing textures to enable us to create some lovely virtual 3D art together. I hope in the future to produce more virtual art with other talented artists from around the world.

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